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EURid's New Quarterly Report Unveiled

30 April 2024


EURid's latest quarterly report for 2024 has arrived, featuring a fresh, simplified look. In this report's revamp, our goal is to offer a concise overview of our quarterly achievements, alongside measures showcasing our commitment to supporting the community and advancing towards a safer, more inclusive internet. For more detailed statistics, please visit our dedicated page.

In the first quarter of the year, we saw a 12.7% increase in new registrations compared to Q4 2023, adding a total of 181,970 registrations to our portfolio, bringing it to 3,682,476. Additionally, EURid continued to support efficient dispute resolution by offering discounted .eu Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) fees, which enabled our partners to handle 16 disputes. We also collaborated with the Shadowserver Foundation to improve the detection of abusive domains, making the online environment safer. Furthermore, we actively participated in Universal Acceptance Day, emphasizing our dedication to inclusivity in the online community.