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Fees and payments


At the time of accreditation, you will be requested to make a minimum pre-payment of 2 500 euro. Please note that your account must retain a minimum of 2 500 euros in order to register and manage domain names under .eu or its variants in other scripts.

Once you start registering domain names, we will send you a monthly invoice documenting activity over the past month. Payment of the invoice will bring the balance of your registrar account back to your original pre-payment level.


If you

  • Have been an accredited registrar with EURid for over 2 years,
  • Have a European bank account and
  • Are subject to the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA),

you can choose to switch from a pre-payment to a post-payment based account setup. By using a post-payment based setup you will no longer need to manually pay your invoice or top up your account each month to meet the minimum payment level as those funds will be received by way of direct debit from your bank account.

If you meet the aforementioned requirements, making the switch can be completed through the submission of our online mandate form on The mandate form requires IBAN and BIC information associated with the desired bank account as well as some personal information.

Transaction fees

The fees listed below apply to EURid accredited registrars only. If you are thinking about registering a .eu (or its variants in other scripts) domain name or if you are a domain name holder, please contact your registrar for information regarding their registration and other transaction fees.



€4.25 per first year of registration term

Renewal (charged annually)

€4 per year of registration term

Reactivation from quarantine (1 year added to the original registration term)


Term extension

€4 per year extended

Transferring a domain name


Transferring a domain name in quarantine


Legal transfer


Bulk transfers of domain name portfolios (minimum charge of €500)*

€0.25 per domain name

Registry lock

€10 per domain name per year

*Free of charge in the case of a full takeover and termination of the given account