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Accreditation criteria

To qualify for accreditation as a registrar and be authorised to offer domain names under the .eu Top Level Domain and its variants in other scripts (.ею and .ευ), you are required to fulfil the following criteria:

1. You provide official proof of business, by providing relevant documentation upon request.

2. You maintain your own operational website in at least one official language of the European Union, containing:

  • your complete identification details (such as official company name, legal form, registration number, address, telephone, e-mail address and website)
  • clear information on the services and pricing you offer
  • a domain availability check or link to

3. You provide proper customer support to registrants via telephone, e-mail, chat or otherwise in at least one of the official languages of the European Union as indicated on your website or other relevant business materials.

4. You warrant that EURid`s Terms and Conditions are made available and accepted by the registrants.

5. You have the technical competence to implement and support the domain name registration services in a professional manner.

6. You certify that you are in good financial standing, by providing relevant documentation upon request.

7. You make an advance payment of at least 2,500 EUR (two thousand five hundred Euros).

8. Once accredited you carry out payable transactions for a minimum of 500 EUR (five hundred Euros) per year.

For a more detailed description, please read EURid`s Accredited Registrar Agreement