Accreditation criteria

To qualify for accreditation as a registrar, as an applicant you are required to meet the following criteria:

You maintain your own operational website.

If you offer domain name registration services, your website must be available in at least one official language of the European Union and contain:

  • complete company details (such as official company name, legal form, registration number, address, telephone, email address, and website);
  • customer support in at least one official language of the European Union;
  • clear information on the services and pricing you offer;
  • a domain availability check or link to

If your domain name registration services are administered via a third party, you remain responsible for the offers of any such third party.              

You have the technical competence to implement and support the domain name registration services in a professional manner.

You certify that you are in good financial standing (we reserve the right to request further proof of your financial stability).