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  1. .eu Academy Masterclasses
  2. .eu Web Awards Ceremony
16 November 2023
Brussels, Maison du Bois

Welcome to the .eu day!

Join us on 16 November 2023, for our second .eu Day - dedicated to empowering our stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.


Our .eu Masterclass talks will focus on pressing issues such as combating the spread of fake news and disinformation, demystifying artificial intelligence, and examining arenas where European values are at stake.


Additionally, we'll highlight and celebrate the finest .eu websites during our 10th Web Awards ceremony.


The registration form can be found under the 'Schedule' section.


.eu Academy Masterclass Speakers

Sophie Timmermann

Sophie Timmermann is deputy head of the fact-checking team at CORRECTIV, a German non-profit independent newsroom. Ms. Timmermann will provide insights into their fact-checking work, discuss prominent disinformation topics and narratives across Europe, and share information about initiatives aimed at addressing them. She will also offer tips on how to spot misleading information, particularly in the context of upcoming elections.

Ret. Lieutenant General Mart de Kruif (Royal Netherlands Army)

In 2008, Mart de Kruif assumed command of the allied forces in Afghanistan and in 2011, he was promoted to Lieutenant General and took on the role of Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army. Mart de Kruif's keynote speech centers around leadership in times of crisis: how to translate vision into plans, individuals into teams, and values into virtues. During his presentation, Mart will outline the current developments of the war in Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of defending European democracy during wartime. He highlights the need for coordinated action rather than individual national efforts.


Josef Holy

Josef Holý has a diverse background, spanning corporate and startup roles, from programming to AI, with recent interests in digital manipulation, computational propaganda, and AI ethics, while also co-hosting a Czech podcast and giving lectures at FIT CTU in Prague. In this Masterclass, he will address the widespread public debate on AI's risks and dangers, aiming to dispel the sci-fi and magical thinking belief systems that have led to confusion and hindered crucial regulatory discussions.


13.30 - 14.00 Welcome coffee and Guest registration for .eu Masterclasses
14.00 - 17.15 .eu Academy Masterclasses
14.00 - 14.55
Josef Holy - AI & Magical thinking - There will be no Skynet
15.00 - 15.55
Sophie Timmermann - Unmasking Disinformation
15.55 - 16.15
Coffee break
16.15 - 17.15
Mart de Kruif - The importance of defending European democracy
18.00 - 19.00 Cocktail reception
19.00 - 22.30 .eu Web Awards Ceremony - dinner and announcement of the winners



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