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Web Awards

The .eu Web Awards are an online competition, launched in 2014, recognising the best websites using the .eu, .ею or .ευ extensions. These websites are judged in six categories: Leaders, Rising stars, Laurels, House of .eu, Better World and Best of .ею and .ευ

Over the years, we have seen and enhanced the visibility of hundreds of beautiful, innovative and impactful websites through the .eu Web Awards.

You can read more about the competition on our official Web Awards page.

Art Competition

The SAFEonLINE Art Competition complements EURid’s educational awareness activities in the field of online security.

The competition aims to encourage high-school students to depict aspects of cybersecurity and Internet safety in a poster of their own design. By inviting young artists to this competition, we intended to attract students, their parents and teachers – to pay attention to the security challenges of the modern digital world.

For more information go to our Art Competition page.

International engagement and events

As an active member of the internet community, we recognise it is important to be present at both smaller and larger industry events, sharing our knowledge and catching up with industry trends. Throughout the years, we have regularly participated in several events around Europe, such as DigitalK, Digital Assembly and Cloudfest, among others.

One of the projects we are pleased to have been part of since 2016 is Codeweek – a grassroots initiative bringing coding and digital literacy to European citizens in a fun and engaging way. This project aimed to make a beneficial impact on today’s youth. We are organising more free workshops and interactive sessions for children and teachers to take part in across Europe – all in an effort to teach them the fundamentals of coding, programming and robotics.