What and How

Apply! No fees required, from application to winner!

- Read the Terms and Conditions;

- Complete the application form at the bottom of this website;

- Upload the Parental Consent form (this is only applicable if you are below 18 years old at the date of the entry to the Competition);

- Upload one (1) Artwork;


Win! A grand prize including a professional social media clip creation experience and a voucher worth 200 EUR

Finalists with the highest scores from the jury will be selected as winners.


- First prize: Artist´s Social Media clip in cooperation with a professional audio-visual production company and 200 EUR EURid gift voucher

- Second prize: 200 EUR EURid gift voucher

- Third prize:150 EUR EURid gift voucher

- Fourth prize: 100 EUR EURid gift voucher

- Six Artists  with the fifth to tenth highest number of obtained points: 6x 2-month subscription for online art education at www.schoolism.com in the value of 35 EUR


The EURid gift voucher means the reimbursement of expenditure from the store or e-shop of the awarded artist’s choice for the following types of goods or services: art supplies, thematic art books, art educational activities or technical equipment for creative artwork purchased by the winner. The winners will be reimbursed up to the amount stated above based on the presentation of these expenditures (receipts and the bank account for reimbursement) till 30 November 2021, the expenditures have to occur after we announce the winners.

Artist´s Social Media clip in cooperation with a professional company means a production of a 20-45”  social media clip with music and a dynamic edit of the visual elements, based on Artist´s design and made in (remote) collaboration with AcTVty, a Belgium based audio-visual production company. The collaborative pre-production includes coaching & co-creation of the storyboard. This activity is foreseen to be completed by 30 November 2021.


Share and tag #doteuART!

Show the world your original perspective on cybersecurity and Internet safety with #doteuART


Shortlisted artwork will be exhibited in the centre of Prague and two other European cities.

Check! Competition timeline

- Start of the Competition    08.03.2021

- Deadline for entry (“Closing Date”) - 17.06. 2021 at [23:59 am]

- Jury Evaluation -  21.06.2021 -02.07.2021

- Notification to the awarded Artists - till 07. 2021

- Exhibition - autumn 2021


Application form

Age at the date of the entry to the Competition
Image should be in .jpg format, maximum 3000x3000 px, file size should not exceed 15MB


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