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.eu extends registration time in Q2

30 Aug. 2011

Brussels, 30 August 2011 – .eu’s move to multiyear registrations has proved popular, according to the second quarter progress report, issued today by the .eu registry, EURid. 12.3% of all .eu registrations during Q2 2011 were for longer than one year.

Registrars have been able to register .eu domain names for up to ten years since 7 April 2011, also the date of .eu’s fifth birthday.

“It is one of our duties as the .eu registry to continually add value to the services we offer registrars. Extending the length of time .eu domain names can be registered for is one such service and I am encouraged by how well .eu multiyear registrations were received during the second quarter,” said Marc Van Wesemael, EURid’s General Manager.

The .eu Q2 2011 report also includes:

.eu and online multilingualism

A new .eu Insights report about the uptake of Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) was published, in collaboration with UNESCO, in May 2011. The report concluded that more work was needed to stimulate online multilingualism. Of the top-level domain registries surveyed, 82% considered the addition of email support to be the single change that would improve the uptake of domain names in non-Latin based scripts. The report is available for download HERE.

.eu in numbers

.eu completed Q2 2011 with 3.35 million registered .eu domain names, an increase of 4.2% compared with the end of Q2 2010. Over the past year, .eu registrations have grown the fastest in Bulgaria (41%), Estonia (40%) and Romania (26%).

With more than one million .eu domain names registered, Germany is still at the top of the list of countries with the most .eu domain names. Compared with Q2 2010, .eu registrations in Germany grew by 6%. Strong growth was also recorded in other top-ten countries during the same time period: 15% for Austria, 12% for Spain and 7% for Belgium, the Czech Republic and Poland respectively.

EURid’s full report for Q2 2011 is available for download HERE.