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.eu ADR fees remain discounted until the end of 2021

17 Feb. 2021

In agreement with the institutions appointed to rule on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings for the .eu top-level domain (the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center and the Czech Arbitration Court), EURid decided to extend the discount on the basic .eu ADR procedure fee until the end of 2021.

This means that the ADR fee per dispute complaint is as low as EUR 100.   

If you wish to dispute a .eu, .ею or .ευ domain name registration and believe that you have a prior right (within the EU or EEA) to that domain name (e.g. you hold a trademark, trade name, company name, family name, etc.), and that the current holder has registered, or is using the domain name for speculative or abusive purposes, you may challenge its registration by initiating an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure.