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Announcing the 2023 .eu Web Awards winners!

17 Nov. 2023

The prestigious 10th Web Awards ceremony took place last night at Maison du Bois in Brussels, honouring the most exceptional .eu websites of the year. 

Hosted by EURid, the competition focuses on recognizing excellence in .eu, .ею, and .ευ websites across five distinct categories. It provides a platform for .eu domain name holders to showcase their websites and achievements, earning well-deserved recognition and accolades.

The evening commenced with the charismatic television presenter Ray Cokes, who added his charm to the atmosphere while three awards were presented in a stylish manner. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances (details available here), the announcement of the remaining winners was carried out in a more reserved manner.

Please meet the six winners of this year’s .eu Web Awards competition:
    The Leaders category:
    The Rising Stars category: 
    The Laurels category:
    The Better World category:
    The House of .eu category:

And a Special Commendation for the Youth Award was awarded to

Explore the event's photos here.

Congratulations to all the fantastic winners and their registrars!