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EURid will continue with EMAS registration

24 Jan. 2023

Our recent EMAS audit has successfully concluded confirming our registration under the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme through March 2024. Organisations following the Scheme are committed to improving their environmental performance.

An EMAS certificate is based on the ISO14001 standard which requires yearly internal audits as well as a 3-year (re-)certification cycle by an external auditor. 

A few highlights from EURid’s commitments:

  • We look for EMAS certification in our suppliers
  • We offset our environmental impact (CO2 emissions) in durable environmental projects (e.g. reforestation projects, ocean cleaning initiatives, etc.)
  • We have reduced our paper and water consumption, general waste, etc
  • We select company cars based on low environmental impact even if it is at a higher financial cost

You can learn more about the various EURid projects on our Going Green page.