EC bi-yearly report reviews the .eu TLD

8 dec 2017

In the bi-yearly report designated for the European Parliament and the Council, the European Commission puts forth its in depth review of the implementation, functioning and effectiveness of the .eu TLD. Aspects including, but not limited to, registrar relations, market stability, business continuity, and registry activities are thoroughly covered.

To conclude its review, the European Commission states that the .eu TLD model has been implemented successfully. They also recognised that, with the influx of gTLDs drastically changing the domain name landscape, growth for the .eu TLD has been limited since 2016. To maintain effectiveness and regain market momentum, we, as EURid, will continue to seek out options to differentiate our offerings and potentially expand into new business areas.

To complement this reporting process, the European Commission launched a Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT) review in Q4 2016 to ensure that the .eu legal framework still serves its intended purpose. The results will be made available in 2018.

Read the full report.