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What started out as a passport for Europeans to express their digital identity has grown into a strong and vibrant community

What started out as a passport for Europeans to express their digital identity has grown into a strong and vibrant community

What started out as a passport for Europeans to express their digital identity has grown into a strong and vibrant community

Dear reader,

Now with 15 years under our belts, .eu has become a healthy teenager ready to take on the world by storm. What started out as a passport for Europeans to express their digital identity has grown into a strong and vibrant community of commercial and private .eu domain name holders alike working together to build the European internet into what it has become today: Family.

With many challenges and achievements behind us, and our eyes set on the future, we could not be more proud at the development of .eu and of the impressive and innovative websites that make use of it every day to bring strength, security and trustworthiness to their online presence.

We dedicate this edition of the .eu Illustrated to the European SMEs and organizations that have embraced .eu since the very start, and become part of our irreplaceable community. We would like to thank our invaluable registrars who have worked with us to promote .eu over the years to help us reach our 3.6 million domain names to date, along with all our past and present employees here at EURid, who strive to shape the .eu TLD into the epitome of security and trustworthiness in the Internet today.

Enjoy the read,
The .eu Illustrated Team

1 000 000

2006 – APRIL

One million registrations recorded on Day One of .eu becoming available for registration.



EURid supports all official EU language scripts by allowing Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs).



EURid becomes one of the safest top-level domains with a complete DNSSEC chain of trust.


2012 – MAY

EURid becomes the first European TLD registry to be registered with the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

Memorandum of Understanding


EURid signs a Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO.

Extending eligibility criteria

2014 – JANUARY

EURid extends eligibility criteria of .eu eligibility to Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Re-appointment as .eu registry manager


EURid is re-appointed as .eu registry manager following an EC call for tender process.

.eu Web Awards

2014 – APRIL

EURid launches the very first .eu Web Awards competition.

Flavia Pennetta


EURid’s top testimonial Flavia Pennetta wins the US Open.


2016 – JUNE

EURid launches .eu extension in Cyrillic script (.ею).

CENTR Awards

2017 – OCTOBER

EURid wins Registry of the Year Award at the 2017 CENTR Awards.

EU citizens

2019 – OCTOBER

EURid extends eligibility criteria to include EU citizens residing in non-EU countries.

CENTR Awards 2019

2019 – OCTOBER

EURid wins registry of the year at the 2019 CENTR Awards.



EURid launches .eu extension in Greek script (.ευ).



EURid launches the Abuse Prevention and Early Warning System (APEWS).

Working with cities to build the future

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Bringing sports to everyone through tradition

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Providing amazing, life-changing experiences through travel

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Proud of their European identity, Eurocities views Europe and .eu as the place where their member cities can thrive together through democratic co-operation.

Image: Culture from the ground up © Baláz Pivarnyik / Budapest 100
Eurocities is a pan European network of cities working together to create a better future.


Eurocities is a network of cities in 38 countries, representing 130 million people. Through joint-work, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and coordinated Europe-wide activity, Eurocities envisions a Europe that extends beyond the limits of the EU and creates a space where their ever-growing community can share, practice, and learn. Since their online debut in 2006 through the collaboration of six major European cities, have developed their community to reach 200 cities working together under shared values to improve the lives of the people in cities across Europe.

Over the years, the Eurocities community has cultivated sharing opportunities for best practices and successful projects for members to work towards creating cities that are inclusive, prosperous, healthy, vibrant, and global, whilst supporting city governments to become more innovative. Eurocities represents a shared vision of international collaboration for mass improvement of cities to create a positive impact in the world where members thrive better together. The .eu domain was the obvious choice for Eurocities, and their brand new project, Reinventing Cities, a visually impactful take on the vast array of Eurocities' activities throughout the year. Proud of their European identity, Eurocities views Europe and .eu as the place where their member cities can thrive together through democratic co-operation.

For Sokol, the .eu domain is synonymous with Freedom, Identity, and Family.

Sokol is the all-age gymnastics community
spanning Czech Republic, Europe
and the rest of the world.


Translated as 'falcon', Sokol is the largest gymnastics movement of sports, culture and history in Czech Republic. Soon to be celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2022, Sokol is a sports and culture NGO dating all the way back to 1862. Today, with more than 970 gyms across Czech Republic, Sokol boasts an extensive European community bonded by history and tradition that originates in the pride for the people and culture of former Czechoslovakia. For Sokol, the .eu domain and their European presence is synonymous with Freedom, Identity, and Family, which members of Sokol are proud to be part of, despite the adversity the coronavirus pandemic brought down on Sokol gyms this past year.

Nevertheless, Sokol is not to be deterred in their enthusiasm for physical fitness and has developed a strong online presence at to communicate with their members and create engaging and popular home workout tutorials on their YouTube and Social Media channels for people to stay fit in lockdown. With their plates now full of preparations for their upcoming celebrations, Sokol is more than ready to move beyond the challenges of last year and leap into a brighter and fitter future.

With a strong online presence represented by their longstanding .eu domain, Art of Travel is able to stand out from their standard competition.

Art of Travel is a Europe-based top quality destination management company where amazing happens.


Art of Travel is the Czech-based destination management company specialized in delivering magical travel experiences throughout Central and Eastern Europe to a non-European audience. Established back in 2006, Art of Travel have over the years built up their reputation as one of the most impressive travel agencies in Europe, and won the prestigious World Travel Award for the Best Destination Management Company for Czech Republic in 2020.

Offering unforgettable trips ranging from à-la-carte to customized personal experiences, Art of Travel serves their business and private customers alike with unparalleled excellence. With a strong online presence represented by their longstanding .eu domain, are able to stand out from their competition by projecting themselves as part of a valued European community composed of European-based specialists. Now more than ever expanding their services as a trustworthy source for travel media and information, Art of Travel are proud to stay within their niche and specialization for Czech Republic and Europe, while looking forward to welcoming their customers back for new travel opportunities in the future.

  • The Educational Association of Athens ‘Hfaistos’ is a non-profit body founded in 1935 to provide technical vocational education and training. ‘Hfaistos’ aims to create an incubator of innovative knowledge-intensive and creative economies to boost youth entrepreneurship in the beating heart of Athens. In partnership with the Academy of Entrepreneurship, ‘Hfaistos’ focuses its efforts on establishing itself as a nursery for innovation in South Eastern Europe and the wider Eurasia region.
  • OSTWIND is an independent family business founded by Gisela Wendling-Lenz and Ulrich Lenz. With offices in Germany and France, OSTWIND develops wind farms as well as solar projects and offers in-house operational management. So far, OSTWIND has planned, constructed and connected up to 603 wind turbines and sets the highest standards for wind and solar power across Europe.

    Image: © Herbert Grabe / OSTWIND
  • Together Magazine is a high-class English-language magazine targeting international business people in Brussels, and boasts a perfect blend of news, business, lifestyle and leisure for its broad audience. Together Magazine offers quality content dedicated to informing, integrating and inspiring expats in ‘Europe’s Capital’. With a circulation of 20,000, the magazine is hand-distributed ten times per year by hostesses in the environs of Brussels’ EU institutions.
  • Country Sisters are a group of talented performers from the Czech Republic. Famous for their presence at Country Festivals across Europe, Country Sisters never fail to impress their audience with their energy and vocal synchronization. Since their first European appearance in 1985, Country Sisters have performed on a global level in a variety of musical styles, and won three prestigious awards at the Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards in 2019.
  • Save the Dogs is a European association focused on the moral duty of humans to protect the dignity and well-being of animals. In face of the overpopulation dilemma of cats and dogs in the world today, Save the Dogs strives to reduce the uncontrolled births of these species in order to provide cats and dogs with enough opportunity to find a good home for adoption and improve the quality of life for strays.
  • Generous is the Belgian-based European bakery famous for its organic, gluten-free cookies hand-baked in Brussels with the finest traditional Belgian techniques. Magicians in their baking, Generous creates enchanting waste-free cookies characterized by unique personalities for people with or without intolerance to enjoy at any time of the day.
  • Originating all the way back to 1963, Dodoni started out a small milk pasteurization unit for the residents of Ioannina and consisted of 6 Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives in the Epirus region. Today, it has become the leading producer of Feta cheese and 80 other forms of dairy produce in Greece, with Dodoni products reaching more than 50 countries in Europe and around the world.
  • Greengiving is one of Europe's leading promotional green gift suppliers. With over 10 years of experience and an extensive range of sustainable business gifts, Greengiving provides companies with stylish and practical items that ensure brand exposure in an eco-friendly way.
  • Myecostay is an online booking platform dedicated to sustainable holidays for people looking for environmentally friendly tourism with accessible, affordable, green accommodation & experiences like organic opportunities to taste the local cuisine. With a wide range of environmental certifications, Myecostay boasts an abundance of authentic, comfortable and high quality eco-friendly rentals run by committed owners across Europe for all tastes and budgets.
  • Build-in-Wood is a European funded Horizon 2020 project aimed at making wood a natural choice of building material for the construction of multi-storey buildings. Taking on the challenge of urban population growth and its effect on climate change, Build-in-Wood sees the solution in sustainable timber construction. Build-in-Wood unites 21 partners fighting alongside each other for a more sustainable and livable future.

    Image: © C.F. Møller
  • Edurobots is part of the Erasmus+ programme and brings robotics and programming activities to classrooms across Europe. Edurobots provides teachers with accessible and multilingual teaching scenarios for easy use in classroom situations to get the best out of teaching robotics to the youth of the future. With a passion for robots, games, and Virtual Reality, Edurobots creates more opportunity for students and teachers alike to engage in the fun side of education.

    Image: September 2020, Edurobots open-air robotics workshop
  • Foodtours is a Danish company on a quest to take you on a magical culinary adventure wherein you will uncover the rich and vibrant treasures of the Nordic food scene tucked away in the nooks and crannies of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Tallinn. With happy customers across the world, Foodtours is a spectacular way to enjoy walking tourism while enjoying the delicacies of the North.

Web Awards 2021

Launched back in 2014, the .eu Web Awards competition is held every year in celebration of the most impressive .eu websites that help to create the vibrant success of the European online community. Nominations for our 2021 edition of the .eu Web Awards go live on 15 April, so get ready to nominate your website at to have a chance of winning your very own 3 month billboard advertisement at Brussels Airport!

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  • 2015 award winners

  • 2016 award winners

  • 2017 award winners

  • 2018 award winners

  • 2019 award winners

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