EURid Board and Strategic Committee updates

26 Maj 2020

Last week EURid’s General Assembly met (virtually) and approved the 2019 accounts. Furthermore, the mandates of 2 Board members (Pierre Verbaeten from DNS BE and Massimo Cimoli from ECTA) came to an end while a third Board member (Domenico Laforenza from IIT-CNR) retired in September 2019. We thank them all for their tireless dedication over the years.


Following new elections, we welcome three new Board representatives: Pedro Oliveira from Business Europe (vice –chair), Marco Conti from IIT-CNR and Delia Belciu from ECTA. They will seat in the Board with Sandra Hoferichter as independent member (new chair), Marie-Emmanuelle Haas as independent member, Marco Bonac from Arnes and Luc Hendrickx from SMEunited.


This General Assembly marked the end of Pierre Verbaeten’s long-standing chairmanship which begun in 2004. As a professor in computer networks and with experience on several boards in the academic world as well as in the industry, Professor Verbaeten has been key in the development and success of EURid. Not only was his scientific background important to the .eu registry, but his interpersonal skills have also been highly appreciated by everyone. Pierre will remain the representative of DNS Belgium in the Strategic Committee. We take this chance to thank him for his dedication, tenacity and commitment to make EURid one of the top registries at worldwide level.  


Sandra Hoferichter, the new Board chair, has an extensive knowledge of the Internet governance landscape (inter alia from EuroDIG and EuroSSIG) and holds a degree in Architecture from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK).