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Age at the date of the entry to the Competition
Image should be in .jpg format, the final poster size is 1215 x 1735 mm plus a 5 mm drop, resolution 300 dpi, maximum file size 15MB, 10000px and portrait orientation;


Please find below the Terms and Conditions and the Parental Consent form in all available languages:

(In case you need the documents in other EU language, please contact us on [email protected])



Terms and Conditions_English 356.4 KB Parental consent form_English 310.1 KB
Terms and Conditions_Bulgarian 394.5 KB Parental consent form_Bulgarian 213.8 KB
Terms and Conditions_Czech 408.2 KB Parental consent form_Czech 318.2 KB
Terms and Conditions_Dutch 271.8 KB Parental consent form_Dutch 130.2 KB
Terms and Conditions_French 363.3 KB Parental consent form_French 315.3 KB
Terms and Conditions_German 630.1 KB Parental consent form_German 312.9 KB
Terms and Conditions_Greek 506.9 KB Parental consent form_Greek 318.1 KB
Terms and Conditions_Hungarian 367.0 KB Parental consent form_Hungarian 317.6 KB
Terms and Conditions_Italian 361.1 KB Parental consent form_Italian 530.9 KB
Terms and Conditions_Polish 252.1 KB Parental consent form_Polish 318.2 KB
Terms and Conditions_Romanian 361.1 KB Parental consent form_Romanian 312.2 KB
Terms and Conditions_Slovak 473.3 KB Parental consent form_Slovak 319.1 KB