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EURid's Timeline


The European Council discusses a single top-level domain for Europe

April 2002

.eu started with the adoption of a European Parliament and Council regulation (Regulation (EC) No 733/2002)

April 2003

EURid is incorporated under Belgian law

May 2003

We are appointed by the European Commission as the .eu registry following a tender process

April 2004

The European Commission lays down public policy rules for .eu (Regulation (EC) No 874/2004)

May 2005

.eu is added to the root zone of the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS)

December 2005

EURid starts accepting applications for .eu domain names from prior rights holders (Sunrise)

April 2006

On 7 April, .eu registrations are opened. One million registrations are recorded on the first day (landrush)

December 2009

.eu supports all official EU language scripts by allowing Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs)

June 2010

.eu enables Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), an Internet security standard

September 2010

.eu becomes one of the safest top-level domains with a complete DNSSEC chain of trust

April 2011

EURid starts offering .eu registration for up to ten years (multiyear registrations)

May 2012

EURid becomes the first European TLD registry to achieve EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) registration

June 2012

EURid launches YADIFA, an open-source name server implementation

October 2013

EURid is presented the CENTR award for the EURid Co-Funded Marketing Programme

EURid achieved its ISO27001 certification

January 2014

Extension of .eu eligibility to Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein

April 2014

EURid is confirmed as the .eu registry manager for the next 5 years following an EC call for expression of interest

November 2015

EURid starts the delegation process for .eu in the Cyrillic script

June 2016

The .eu extension in the Cyrillic script (.ею) is launched

July 2016

EURid and EUIPO sign letter of collaboration

December 2016

EURid and Europol team up to fight cybercrime

October 2017

EURid wins registry of the year at the 2017 CENTR Awards

June 2018

EURid and IACC team up to fight cybercrime

September 2018

MOU renewed with TaC International

October 2018

EURid successfully renews EMAS certification until 2021

November 2018

EURid holds the 5th edition of the .eu Web Awards competition

December 2018

Agreement reached between EU institutions for the .eu TLD new Regulation

April 2019

EURid-EC Service Concession Contract is extended until October 2022

May 2019

EURid and EUIPO strengthen their collaboration

June 2019

The .eu in the Greek script received the clearance with the ICANN IDN ccTLD Fast Track procedure

October 2019

Extending the eligibility criteria to include EU citizens residing in non EU countries

October 2019

EURid wins registry of the year at the 2019 CENTR Awards

November 2019

The .eu extension in the Greek script (.ευ) is launched

December 2019

The Abuse Prevention and Early Warning System (APEWS) was launched

February 2020

EC report to the Parliament and the Council shows EURid as an effective and trustworthy registry

May 2020

The Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ becomes a partner of the annual EURid UNESCO World Report on IDNs

September 2020

In cooperation with the Youth IGF, EURid set up a Youth Committee

September 2020

EURid launches the Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust (DC-DT)

February 2021

EURid joins forces with the Global Cyber Alliance for the Domain Trust project

March 2021

EURid implements the Know Your Customer (KYC) project

May 2021

EURid is the first TLD to join successful No More Ransom (NMR) project

June 2021

EURid successfully renews EMAS registration until 2023

June 2022

EURid signs a new Service Concession Contract with the European Commission

June 2022

EURid and ICANN signed an MOU to strengthen efforts in promoting multilingualism and inclusion on the Internet

October 2022

EURid and EUIPO signed an MOU committing to join forces in raising awareness about trademarks and domain names

November 2022

EURid holds its first .eu Day with 5 .eu Academy Masterclasses, along with the ninth .eu Web Awards ceremony

December 2022

EURid renews its EMAS registration until 2024

April 2023

EURid launches the 10th annual .eu Web Awards competition

May 2023

EURid introduces WebClass – an advanced machine learning solution for web categorization 

November 2023

EURid holds its second .eu Day with 3 .eu Academy Masterclasses, along with the tenth .eu Web Awards ceremony