The Abuse Prevention and Early Warning System (APEWS) is an innovative and award-winning methodology based on evaluating patterns of domain name registrations. It predicts whether a domain name may potentially be used in an abusive manner.  

If the system identifies a registered domain name as potentially linked to abuse, its delegation in the .eu zone file is delayed and its status in the web-based WHOIS shows “Server Hold”.

The domain name is registered. However, any service linked to it (such as a website, email or any other service) will not function until our verification procedure is completed.

EURid manually reviews all domain names whose delegation is delayed as a result of the APEWS system. We request the domain holder to confirm his or her registration data and to submit evidence of his or her identity. The review process may lead to the delegation of the domain name in the .eu zone file or to its suspension. Should the domain name be suspended and subsequently withdrawn, it will be made available for new registration in a timely manner. 

To find out more about APEWS, please consult the following scientific publications (only available in English):

If you have any questions related to personal data processing at EURid, please read our Privacy Policy.

In order to protect end-users from possible misuses of domain names associated with the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) emergency, EURid has updated the APEWS system to perform additional checks on newly-registered domain names that contain keywords relating to the pandemic. EURid will perform these checks until 1 September 2021.

Registrants of domain names containing detected keywords will be required to validate their data and to submit a statement confirming that their domain name was registered in ‘good faith’ within seven (7) calendar days. Please read further information here.

Instructions on what to do when you receive a registration data verification email from EURid are available here.