YADIFA 2.4.0 out now!

19 Oct. 2020

In June 2012 the .eu registry EURid unveiled a new open-source Domain Name System (DNS) name server solution called YADIFA®.

YADIFA is a name server implementation for top-level domain operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) alike and designed specifically for the efficient management of large Internet zones and uses dynamic updates to instantly change domain name records. It is equally optimised to handle multiple Internet zones. Freely available as open-source code, YADIFA is managed by EURid for the benefit of the Internet community.

During last year YADIFA went through an internal reconstruction.


We are happy to communicate that we have launched the version 2.4.0, which brings the following improvements with regard to version 2.3:

  • An update on the Network reconfiguration at runtime.
  • Improved journal and security model.
  • Upgraded community patches.
  • Pipe-able logs (e.g. gzip).
  • All in all a more user-friendly YADIFA client.

YADIFA is a clean implementation with code written from scratch, so it avoids inheriting any potential weaknesses from other software. YADIFA also has security built-in as it is enabled for the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) protocol. YADIFA is distributed under BSD 3-clause license. It is open source and completely free.

Learn more via yadifa.eu.