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Third Brexit notice to registrants and registrars

2 Jan. 2021

Yesterday morning EURid notified by email all UK registrants and their registrars that as of 1 January 2021 their domain name is no longer compliant with the .eu regulatory framework and therefore, it is moved to the so-called “SUSPENDED” status until 31 March 2021. A domain name in the “SUSPENDED” status can no longer support any service (such as website and email), but may still be reinstated if registration data is updated to meet the eligibility criteria.

Registration data may be updated by indicating a legally established entity in one of the eligible Union Member States, or by updating their residence to a Union Member State, or proving their citizenship of a Union Member State irrespective of their residence.

We urge those domain name holders affected by this decision to contact your registrar and update your domain name(s) as soon as possible. We will be working on reinstating the affected domain names throughout this weekend and the coming months. Please send your support inquiry to [email protected].

Please consult the Brexit notice page for further information