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How to choose the right domain name (expanding on .eu)

18 May 2021

The below interview was conducted with EURid`s External Relations Manager Giovanni Seppia and published by an Italian registrar Shellrent srl.


  1. Due to the pandemic, many companies have been forced to go online to survive and ensure the continuation of business. This has certainly encouraged the purchase of new domain names. How did EURid react to that situation?


Indeed, those most significantly impacted by the pandemic were small and medium enterprises that did not have an online presence yet.

During the second quarter of 2020, we developed specific actions in partnership with our accredited registrars and various business organisations to support SMEs and instructed them in the importance of having a secure and trustworthy website.

Among those actions, we launched the 'Live Talks' initiative, a form of wecast with industry experts and testimonials sharing live tips and tricks to design attractive websites, drive traffic, promote it, and help create a secure online space. To learn more, see our .eu Live Talks page.


  1. According to EURid, which are the future trends in the domain name market?


There is still strong demand for high quality domain names with a reliable and meaningful extension. The .eu and its variants in Cyrillic and in Greek are still the best way to showcase your European online identity in the global market.  

At the same time, we see more and more the need to ensure the correctness of the domain names registrants’ data. To this respect, we are implementing several tools to enable .eu registrants to validate the data by themselves.


  1. Assuming that having a website is essential today, what are the main factors to consider when choosing a domain?


There are several aspects to consider while choosing a domain name, as this can go a long way towards making you and your product more visible on the Internet.

1. Memorability: Shorter domain names are quicker to type and easier to remember.

2. The right extension: Make sure you select the extension that best represents your company and/or product. It could be local, geographically associated, or generic. Whichever you choose, it should be somehow linked to the domain name and also to the objective you wish to pursue. For those who like to present themselves as Europeans, the .eu remains the best option.

Why choose a .eu?

Present yourself to your customers as European, and associate your company and your products with European quality. With a .eu domain name, you emphasize that your online identity is subject to EU regulations that protect consumers and their privacy. You can also rely on a registry like EURid to offer services to guarantee the security of your domain name, not to mention administrative and technical support in any of the official EU languages. A domain name with the .eu suffix opens the door to numerous advantages and possibilities, such as participating in the .eu Web Awards or developing an online campaign with industry professionals.