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The .eu Domain Celebrates its 18th Anniversary

7 April 2024

Since April 7, 2006, the .eu domain has stood as a symbol of a united digital Europe. As we celebrate .eu’s 18th anniversary, we're happy to share with you eighteen memorable facts and figures about the European domain. From its inception to its significant milestones, join us on a journey through the diverse and dynamic world of .eu:

  1. 1. On 7 April 2006, .eu registrations are opened with a whopping one million registrations recorded on the first day. 
  2. 2. Fast forward to 2024, the .eu domain boasts nearly 3.7 million registered domain names, showcasing its relevance and appeal in Europe and beyond.
  3. 3. .eu is managed by EURid, ensuring smooth operation and administration of this essential European digital asset.
  4. 4. Since 2021, citizens of the EU & EEA countries can register .eu, regardless of where in the world they are located.
  5. 5. Beyond just a web address, the .eu domain contributes to shaping a sense of a common European identity and unity in the digital sphere.
  6. 6. .eu expands business horizons, as it expresses international reach and speaks to potential customers around the globe.
  7. 7. EURid supports a public WHOIS lookup platform for checking .eu domain name details, incl. a tool to find similar domain names.
  8. 8. EURid & EUIPO have linked their systems, so visitors can check in WHOIS the availability of European trade marks. 
  9. 9. EURid often partners with EUIPO and the Ideas Powered for Business network to provide intellectual property protection tips and resources.
  10. 10. To make a website with .eu safer for visitors, we have enabled DNSSEC and Lock Services.
  11. 11. EURid prioritizes cybersecurity, holding international certifications and engaging with organisations like the European TLD ISAC.
  12. 12. With EMAS certification since 2012, the .eu domain also demonstrates a dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.
  13. 13. .eu offers a discounted Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure, providing an effective means of resolving domain disputes.
  14. 14. To prevent abuse in the .eu space, .eu domains are subject to registration data validation and other security checks.
  15. 15. Some names within the .eu domain are reserved, ensuring fair access and preventing confusion or misuse.
  16. 16. EURid actively participates in European educational initiatives, contributing to digital literacy and awareness across Europe.
  17. 17. .eu consistently ranks in top 10 among ccTLDs and commands a significant presence in the global internet ecosystem.
  18. 18. With its adherence to EU law and relevant standards, .eu is recognized as a trusted digital identifier, signalling credibility and reliability to users worldwide.