The deadline for documentary evidence is approaching

10 Jan. 2006

Those of you who have applied for a .eu domain name during Sunrise (phased registration) should also send in documentary evidence proving your right to the name. The deadline for doing this is 40 calendar days. That means that the first applications sent in on December 7, 2005 need to have their paperwork in by Monday January 16, 2006. The documentary evidence should have arrived within 40 days. Not be sent within 40 days. This is due to the EC regulation (No. 874/2004) and is out of EURid’s control.

In the WHOIS database you can see the status of your application and if documentary evidence is received. There you can also download the specific cover letter needed for your documentary evidence. You will find a link to that under details for your application. You can get the application code that is needed from your registrar.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your registrar with whom you placed your application.