EURid`s contribution to sustainable initiatives

11 June 2019

EURid is the first European TLD registry that registered for the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) already in 2011. Since then we have regularly assessed the environmental impact of our activities and monitored the compliance of our policies and procedures. Furthermore, as in the past four years EURid was audited for its CO2 emissions resulting in an overall footprint of 135 tons CO2eq, which shows a 94% reduction since 2012.

Through EMAS, EURid has had the opportunity to support a multitude of global sustainability initiatives, like the Ugandan Borehole Project, Ecomapuà Project in the Amazon, the Dak Rung Hydropower Project in Vietnam, and in 2019, the reforestation efforts in Monchique, Portugal.

You can view a complete list of undertaken projects in addition to our updated Environmental Statement on our Going Green page.