Committed to share our knowledge

17 Feb. 2020

The .eu Academy is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The initiative aims to contribute towards furthering the education of industry peers, registrars, and future generations regarding the basics of the Internet, its history, functions, registry-registrar relations, ccTLD best practices, cybersecurity and registry actions to prevent and fight abuses.

Over the past  years we have shared our knowledge with industry peers and university students of several countries.

This week we are welcoming Mr. Kofi Aidoo from .gh (Ghana’s ccTLD) and Mr. Mustafa Sheik from .so (Somalia’s ccTLD) to learn more about what we are doing in marketing, communication and registry technical management.

Mr. Aidoo and Mr. Sheik, when asked to comment on their first day at the academy, stated, “A lot of knowledge and understanding has been gained already. We are looking forward to more tips and tactics that we can implement back home.”