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NGI Forum 2023: Pioneering Europe's Next Generation Internet

2 Oct. 2023

The NGI Forum 2023, is a flagship event of the European Commission's Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, is set to unite Europe's foremost Internet innovators in a hybrid gathering dedicated to shaping the Internet of Trust. Held on 15-16 November in Brussels, this innovative day aims to empower users with greater control and choice over their digital data and identities.

At its heart, the NGI Forum 2023 serves as a dynamic nexus, bringing together visionaries, policymakers, and technologists to explore the forefront of Europe's digital evolution. The forum's central theme, the "Digital Commons," takes center stage, emphasizing equitable access to information, fostering innovation, and fortifying digital sovereignty across the continent.

With an extensive agenda encompassing European policy developments, innovation trends, and NGI initiatives, the NGI Forum 2023 delves into a diverse array of topics crucial for shaping the future of the internet. Key discussions span areas such as digital identity, quantum internet, advancements in large language models and web search, decentralized social media, and the security of the open-source supply chain.