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Changes to EURid`s Terms and Conditions

19 Aug. 2022

To comply with the new legal framework for .eu domain names (Regulation 2019/517 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 March 2019 and its accompanying Acts), the Terms and Conditions for domain name holders will change. For the sake of clarity and ease of use, we have combined current Terms and Conditions and the Registration Policy into one unique document.

You can consult the new Terms and Conditions (which will take effect on 13 October 2022) on, in the Document Repository section.

The changes applied in the new Terms and Conditions do not affect a domain name holder’s registration requirements nor require any other action from the registrant other than reading the document. By keeping and renewing their domain name(s), domain name holders will have confirmed to have read and accepted the new T&Cs.

The main changes to the document are:

  • Explanation that EURid is to perform verification of the registration data and security checks on the domain name registration, before or after delegation of the domain name (section 2);
  • The verification of the registration data upon request by EURid is part of the domain name holder’s obligations (section 4);
  • Definition of the term “Revocation” (section 1) and the cases in which it can be used (provided that the ground for revocation is not remedied in due time) are listed (section 4);
  • Availability, technical and lexical requirements of a domain name have been moved to EURid website;
  • Procedures for transferring a domain name have been moved to EURid website.