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EURid Introduces Advanced Machine Learning Solution for Web Categorization

24 May 2023

EURid is delighted to unveil its latest innovation: WebClass, a machine learning solution that automatically classifies web pages in any European language into different predefined use categories. These categories, known as the DIT (Domain Name Taxonomy), have been agreed upon by various European Registries and are based on economic activities such as Transportation, Education, Government, Health, and more.

Traditionally, the .eu Registry has relied on manual processing for web categorization. However, with the development of WebClass, EURid now has a more cost-effective, efficient, and accurate automated solution. This advancement allows them to gain a better understanding of how the .eu domain is used and share valuable business intelligence with their partners.

Since its initial release as a prototype in 2019, WebClass has undergone continuous improvement. It has reached a point where it demonstrates superior classification performance compared to human-made classifications conducted simultaneously on the same set of websites. On average, WebClass achieves a remarkable 10% higher accuracy than human classifiers.

Jordi Iparraguirre, EURid's Innovation Manager, expressed, "WebClass represents a significant leap forward in our efforts to comprehend the usage patterns of the .eu domain. With its outstanding performance and automated classification capabilities, we can efficiently analyze website content and share valuable market insights with our partners."

EURid remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the value of the .eu domain for users and businesses. WebClass stands as a testament to their commitment and expertise in developing cutting-edge technology.