Flavia Pennetta faces her toughest competition yet

28 Nov. 2016

Just over one year since announcing her retirement after winning the 2015 US Open, Flavia Pennetta has been hard at work, searching for a new and unique endeavor that will solidify her place in the upper echelon of tennis stars.

Well that search is finally over as today, at a distinguished school in Brussels, the esteemed tennis player will face some of the most promising young tennis stars of tomorrow in a battle of skill and desire.

“This is a golden opportunity for young players to test their skills against one of the best in the business” comments Giovanni Seppia, External Relations Manager and the event’s organizer. “But most of all, and more importantly, this is an opportunity for us to bring joy and inspire youth to pursue their dreams. As an international tennis icon, Flavia Pennetta is one of the most inspirational people you could ever meet, so we’re hoping that some of this inspiration rubs off on the youngsters.”

Game on!