EURid renews MoU with TaC Europe

23 Oct. 2020

In 2017 we signed our first Memorandum of Understanding with Together against Cybercrime International (TaC Europe) with the goal of further promoting Internet Governance and increasing awareness surrounding hot topics of the domain name system. Following the successes achieved together, including the establishment of the EURid Youth Commitee, we are pleased to announce that we have decided to renew the MoU.


TaC is a non-profit civil society anti-cybercrime organisation established in France with main task to assist victims of online illegal activities and develop educational tools on cybersecurity and online safety for different stakeholder groups.


"Our new reinforced partnership with EURid is a great step towards giving young people a more active role in policy development on internet governance and the DNS. With the Youth Observatory, EURid is taking a serious approach to strengthening the capacities of the new generation of digital transformation leaders. We are very happy to be doing this hand-in-hand with EURid, and alongside other European friends. ", Yuliya Morenets, Founder of the Youth IGF


We look forward to the renewed collaboration and are excited to have the next Internet generation on board.