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.eu usage shows growth in tourism

24 Aug. 2022

In May-June, the first exercise of 2022 was carried out, to understand possible new patterns in the way people and businesses use the .eu top-level domain. The results showed clear growth in the tourism and accommodation sector.

From a random sample of 200,000 domain names, we found that over 81% of domains have active web services. Out of those names, more than 68,152 resolve to a content-rich website.

The categorisation was performed by the Italian cooperative “Officina dell’ abitare” and is based on a set of categories chosen and defined by several CENTR members. To achieve a higher level of accuracy, each website was reviewed three times.

In comparison to the categorisation in the first half of 2021, the results show a clear increase in the ’Tourism and Accommodation’ category by 1.5%. The ‘Commerce’ and ‘IT’ communities remained at the top of the list, covering 18.4% and 11% of the categories respectively.

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