.eu in Cyrillic nearing launch

16 March 2016

Brussels, 16 March 2016 – The launch of the much anticipated .eu top-level domain in Cyrillic will occur on June 1, 2016.“We’re thrilled to be adding .eu in Cyrillic to the continuously growing list of services that .eu holders’ receive. This is a big moment for .eu as the implementation of .eu in Cyrillic shows our dedication to evolve with the industry and offer state of the art features to provide an all-inclusive and memorable customer experience”, stated Marc Van Wesemael, the General Manager for EURid.

The launch of the .eu in Cyrillic represents a milestone in .eu history as well as in the ongoing support for online multilingualism.“The implementation of .eu in Cyrillic is a huge step for .eu, specifically with regards to our vision to supply users, living or working within the EU and/or EEA, with a platform on which they can establish their unique online identity. The addition of .eu in Cyrillic is in alignment with this vision and considerably broadens our users’ ability to enjoy the full Internationalised Domain Names experience as they will be able to register a domain name in Cyrillic under a Cyrillic extension”, commented EURid External Relations Manager, Giovanni Seppia.