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.eu compensates for its 2014 CO2 emissions through the Ecomapuà project in the Amazon

10 July 2015

EURid, the .eu registry manager, chose to become involved in the Ecomapuà project so as to compensate its 2014 CO2 emissions which were recently calculated by RINA Services S.p.a.

The project, which was selected due to its enormous environmental, ecological, social, and economic benefits in the state of Pará on Marajó Island, represents just one of many initiatives taken on by EURid to contribute to a sustainable future.

The advantages associated with the project include, but are not limited to, the conservation of approximately 90,000 ha of the Amazon biome, the promotion of sustainable forest management involving training courses in seed and sustainable açaí production and the construction of a school building, aviaries, apiaries and fish farming tanks in and for the local communities.

To know more about EURid’s environmental policy please visit our Going green page.

To learn more about EURid’s work in promoting a greener world please contact [email protected]