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EMAS registration confirmed until 2021

12 Nov. 2018

Our EMAS recertification has drawn to a successful close, confirming our registration under the European green standard until 2021. Since 2011, we have implemented the Environmental Management System (EMS) - certified by ISO 14001:2004 and EMAS (Regulation No. 1221/2009/EC) to adequately assess the environmental impact of our activities and monitor the compliance of our policies and procedures.

Through EMAS, we have had the opportunity to support a multitude of global sustainability initiatives, like the Ugandan Borehole Project, Ecomapuà Project, the Dak Rung Hydropower Project, and others. You can view a complete list of undertaken projects in addition to our updated Environmental Statement on our Going Green page.

‘Our objective is to incorporate principles of sustainability into as many business decisions and activities as possible, including those carried out on our behalf. We remain steadfast in setting annual targets to ensure that this goal is maintained’ commented External Relations Manager Giovanni Seppia.

We look forward to continuing our pursuit to be environmentally sound in all that we do!