EC bi-annual report: The .eu TLD is operating in an effective and trustworthy way

24 Feb. 2020

Last week the European Commission published the bi-annual report to the European Parliament and Council on the implementation, functioning and effectiveness of the .eu Top-Level Domain from April 2017 to April 2019.

The report highlights the achievements of the .eu and its registry manager, EURid, over the past two years. It says that despite of the flattening of the domain name market the renewal rate of .eu domain names remained high and grew from 78.6 % to 80 %. Furthermore, the .eu registry continued to implement cybersecurity measures, deployed new initiatives to prevent abusive registrations, and collaborated with law enforcement and other public authorities to fight illegal activities involving .eu domain names. EURid worked further to support the European linguistic diversity by launching the .ευ string.

The report concludes that "The .eu can become a model for other domain names in terms of building a trusted and secure domain name space. It also directly contributed to the EU objectives of increasing trust and security on the internet and in the Digital Single Market. "

Consult the full report.