EURid-coordinated Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust officially launched

24 Sept. 2020

EURid today announces the launch of a new Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust (DC-DT) for the 2020 Internet Governance Forum.

In recent years, disinformation scandals and increasing levels of consolidation in technology markets have diminished the confidence of regulators and members of the public in the effectiveness of industry self-regulation. The Dynamic Coalition will deepen understanding of these issues and build consensus among interested stakeholders.

The new group is a partnership with multiple stakeholders across the private, public and civil society sectors including European Commission, Europol and the Computational Propaganda Unit at Oxford University’s Internet Institute and members of the International Trade Mark Association.

The key aims and activities of the Coalition will include:

1. Exploring linkages between data and trust to inform policy discussions with a solid evidence base and showcase relevant research which explores linkages between data, information and trust.

2. Sharing good practices to highlight voluntary industry initiatives aimed at raising quality of data and enhancing trust.

The Coalition is open to all interested stakeholders, and will actively seek to engage under-represented perspectives, particularly youth and those from developing countries, and will ensure that statements and outputs reflect minority or dissenting viewpoints.

“Our objective is to encourage proactive interventions and effective industry self-regulation to raise standards of data quality, combat poor data and disinformation, and raise levels of public trust in the Internet.” - Giovanni Seppia, EURid External Relations Manager.

“The initial focus of the Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust will be to explore industry responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, and understand the broad ecosystem of actors whose services are used and abused by websites that systematically publish false information relating to the pandemic” – Emily Taylor, Oxford Information Labs CEO.

The inaugural meeting of the Dynamic Coalition will be held during IGF 2020 pre-events on Thursday, 5 November at 10:50-12:20 UTC.