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.ευ (.eu in Greek) goes live

14 Nov. 2019

As of today, 14 November 2019, EURid is adding a third extension to its portfolio. (Latin script) and .ею (Cyrillic script), it is now possible to register domain names under .ευ (Greek script).

The launch of the .eu in Greek represents another milestone in .eu history as well as in the ongoing campaign for supporting online multilingualism, following the introduction of the .eu in Cyrillic in June 2016.

‘The .eu in Greek will enable end-users to enjoy the full Internationalised Domain Names experience in Greek, as Greek domain names will be registered under the Greek extension. We worked hard to have the .eu in Greek delegated with ICANN/IANA and we are grateful to our industry peers who supported us throughout a process that has lasted a decade. We are delighted to add the Greek extension to the list of features for our registrars and registrants’ – Giovanni Seppia, EURid External Relations Manager.

EURid will fully enforce the basic rule that the second-level script must match the top-level script. This means that any current domain names registered in Greek under .eu (Latin string) will undergo a three-year ‘script adjustment’ phase. All policies, procedures and features currently available for .eu (such as transfers, bulk transfers, multiyear, DNSSEC, registry lock, etc.) will also apply to .ευ.

You can read more about the .ευ domain name via the dedicated page.