Discounted Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure with CAC and WIPO remains in 2019

11 Jan. 2019

The discounted fee for a basic .eu Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure before both the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) and WIPO Center will continue in 2019. 

“At EURid, we make the ADR procedure more affordable and easily accessible by lowering the financial barrier for people to claim their rights by challenging a .eu registration”, says EURid’s Legal Manager Geo Van Langenhove.

People can challenge a .eu registration if they believe they have a prior right to the domain name and the current holder has registered the domain name for speculative or abusive purposes. Through the fast and convenient .eu ADR procedure with the CAC and WIPO, no travel is required as all cases are conducted online in the 24 official EU languages. Cases take an average of 4 months to resolve.

EURid appointed the CAC in 2005 and WIPO in 2016 as its ADR providers. The CAC and WIPO have more than 200 accredited international experts judging on ADR disputes.