EURid holds course on cybersecurity in Pisa for the second year

5 Nov. 2018

As one of the hottest themes of the last years, cybersecurity is on everyone’s radar. From tech companies, to law enforcement and policy makers, everyone is concerned and looks for solutions to fight the continuous increase in cyber-threats. Having a basic understanding of what “the cyber” entitles has become an essential skill for many.

EURid’s course at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa aims at giving a 360° overview of the Cybersecurity Landscape. Starting with basic technological concepts and then moving into the intricate world of “the cyber”, we’ll focus on four key aspects of cyber security: networks, states, personal privacy and cybercrime. This course is accompanied with practical workshops where we’ll put the theory into practice and focus on some reconnaissance and analysis techniques, as well as give students a grounding on how to protect themselves and their data in the online environment.

The course will take place over the span of several days, from 5 – 9 November.

In 2018, the Sant'Anna School ranked 1st at the national level on a census of 43 institutions, 153th at the international level on a census of 1.258 institutions and 9th at world level of best young universities (under 50 years old)

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