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EURid`s initiatives at Codeweek 2022

10 Oct. 2022

For the seventh year, EURid is set to arrange several workshops during the CodeWeek 2022 to introduce European youth to the world of coding and robotics.

“Through CodeWeek, we have the opportunity to educate, empower, and prepare youth by providing a foundation of skills and knowledge that will add value to their growth and development”, comments Regina Filipová Fuchsová, EURid´s Industry Relations Manager.

Our participation in CodeWeek 2022 includes the following workshops:

  • In Belgium we will host Scratch workshops throughout the school year, starting on 17 October in co-operation with the Digitale Wolven
  • In Sweden we will host three workshops about robotics on 12 and 13 October at Solna and Bergshamra libraries with Kosmosklubben
  • In Italy we will organize an interactive workshop for secondary school students on 20 October
  • In Czech Republic we are organizing lectures and workshops in robotics in Praege, on 14 and 15 October.

We are looking forward to work with around 400 students for the next few weeks.

CodeWeek 2022 will take place from 8 – 28 October 2022.