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Being European Online

29 Nov. 2021

For many individuals and businesses, an online presence begins with a domain name, a unique address that directs people to their website and email address. Every domain name has an extension and there are many to choose from, but if you want to express your true European identity online, there is only one extension: the .eu.

This year .eu celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, since its public launch in April 2006. To date, almost 3.7 million .eu domain names have been registered, out of which 50% are used by companies or organisations.

Why is .eu so valuable for Europeans?

  • A .eu domain name is the best and simplest way for European businesses to portray a reliable, trustworthy and quality online image.
  • A .eu domain name shows that they are truly European, embrace the European cultural diversity and operate in multiple European and world markets.
  • A .ею (Cyrillic script) or .ευ (Greek script) domain name allows businesses in countries using these scripts to display themselves online in their local language.
  • A .eu domain name helps European citizens living outside EU member states or EEA countries to highlight their European roots.
  • With a .eu, businesses and organisations can exhibit their website at the .eu Web Awards.
  • A .eu website demonstrate your environmental commitment as EURid is dedicated to compensating its yearly CO2 emissions.
  • Ultimately, a .eu domain name is built on a state-of-the-art technology with a multilingual team able to provide support 24/7.

Therefore, whether you want to create a European business that spreads beyond borders, keep your European online identity or hold on to your linguistic heritage – choose right, choose the .eu for you.