EURid's 2018 Annual Report reveals strong growth in six countries and major actions to fight abuses

15 April 2019

EURid released its Annual Report today, which contains an overview of statistics, achievements, and financial reports from 2018. The countries which experienced the most growth in terms of registrations were Cyprus, Portugal, Romania, and Ireland, in addition to Norway (an EEA country). Portugal itself was also the leading country for registration growth in 2017. Achievements throughout 2018 include highlights such as the partnership between EURid and IACC to fight cybercrime, the Uganda clean water initiative to offset our 2017 CO2 emissions, EMAS registration confirmed until 2021, and the agreement reached between EU institutions concerning the new .eu TLD regulation.

Compared to 2017, the total net registrations decreased by 130 305 (from 3 815 055 to 3 684 750), while DNSSEC-signed domain names grew by 69 724 (from 443 600 to 513 324).

The decline in the overall number of registrations can be attributed both to a reduction in the number of new registrations in the UK (mainly due to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, which resulted in the UK falling from being the No. 4 market for .eu to No. 6 in one year), and to the increased efforts of EURid to build a trustworthy and secure .eu namespace which resulted in over 35 000 domain names being suspended in H2 2018.

Learn more in EURid’s 2018 annual report.

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