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Discover the latest updates in .eu website categorization!

10 March 2023

In October 2022, we embarked on our second biannual website categorisation exercise, an endeavour that involved crawling of 200,000 domain names. Out of this random selection of domain names, 80.8 % were connected to a web server, and 78,654 of them were found to host rich content - web pages that boasted user-generated content and were larger than 5Kb.

According to the report, trade remains as the predominant industry, with 18% of the data analysed. The manufacturing, leisure and entertainment, and IT sectors subsequently follow in representation.

Among the crawled .eu websites it was observed that 19% were registered in Germany, while 11% were registered in the Netherlands and 7% in Italy. These figures are indicative of the leading countries with .eu registrations.

To ensure the utmost accuracy, we enlisted the help of the esteemed Italian cooperative, "Officina dell' Abitare", who manually classified a subset of 10,000 .eu websites and to achieve the highest level of accuracy, each website was reviewed by three different operators.

The aforementioned categorization represents the final iteration of the manual classification process. It is noteworthy that our organization is preparing to introduce a machine learning platform that will be capable of automatically classifying web pages, including those written in languages other than English. Further information about the new tool will be provided in due course.

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