EURid Presents 2017 IDN World Report at EIF Breakfast Debate

10 Jan. 2018

Lead author of the IDN World Report, Emily Taylor, CENTR General Manager, Peter Van Roste, and Facebook Internationalisation Director, Iris Oriss, spoke about linguistic diversity online in addition to the 2017 IDN World Report after a welcome note from MEP and EIF Member, Viviane Reding, at the 2018 EIF Breakfast Debate.

The following topics were covered:

• The importance of linguistic diversity in the cyberspace;
• The need for more structured and coordinated work to ensure the universal acceptance of IDNs;
• The great role played by IDNs to enhance linguistic diversity in cyberspace, especially in emerging economies.

Since 2011, EURid, in partnership with UNESCO and Verisign and with the support of ccTLD regional organisations has been exploring the status of multilingual content online, with English being the language of more than half of web content.

The IDN World Report has noted the gap between the drive for increased linguistic diversity in popular web applications, and the continuing challenge of universal acceptance of internationalised domain names. Facebook supports more than 70 languages, Google Translate more than 100 languages, Twitter supports 34 languages. The world’s most popular apps are also increasing the number of supported languages: Whatsapp is available in more than 20 languages, Instagram in 33 languages.

The increased adoption of IDNs allows for:

• Citizens to use their own identity online
• Relation to language, culture and content
• Promotion of local and regional content
• Businesses and politicians to better target their messages

Learn more about IDNs in the 2017 IDN World Report, now available at