Board meeting highlights

Please consult the highlights from our latest Board of Directors meetings below.



The results of the Evaluation of the Board that took place earlier this year were presented to the attendees. This is the second Board review after the one in 2017. Overall, the Board evaluation was extremely positive with a score of 94% (compared to 78% in 2017). Recommendations will be addressed soon.


EURid staff explained the chronological timeline of the DDOS attacks experienced by EURid in Q2 2020 and the perseverance of the attackers. It was stressed out that none of the DNS infrastructure was down during the attack, No essential services were unavailable throughout the attack either. The mitigation measures in place functioned satisfactorily.


As per advice by the Strategic Committee, the newly appointed Board agreed to form a work group to investigate and subsequently clarify the criteria for accepting new membership applications.


This Board meeting was the last one for Mr Cimoli and the chair, Prof. Verbaeten. They were both thanked for their constructive and valuable contributions over the years. A special praise was tributed to Prof. Verbaeten who has been with EURid from the beginning for his leadership that has contributed to the success of EURid and has led us to what EURid is today.


The Board meeting was attended by all members.