.eu Academy

With over 50 years of cumulative experience in the domain name system industry EURid opened the .eu Academy in early 2015. The initiative has, as its main objective, the goal to contribute to the education of industry peers, registrars and future generations about the basics of the Internet, its history, functioning and marketing-administrative-security-legal facets. The Academy motto "we'll learn together" will be the basis for various actions planned and subsequently detailed below.

In February 2015, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to establish long-term cooperation on the development of local expertise in DNS technical, policy, and business areas in Africa and the Middle East. The MoU crystalises the efforts being done by both entities and recognises the need to implement the below, in order to further strengthen and develop the DNS sector in Africa and the Middle East. In April 2015, we participated in the first DNS Registry Best Practices Workshop in Cairo, Egypt.

Should anyone be interested in knowing more about any of the aforementioned areas or any other DNS related matters, just drop us a message at We will get back to you and design a training programme together that can support your needs and help you refine and grow your business.

Web Awards

The .eu Web Awards are designed to acknowledge the best websites, using the .eu or .ею extensions, in five categories.

In 2015 the .eu Awards Ceremony took place on 18 November at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels. The event, hosted by Irish presenter Conor McNally, followed the launch of the second edition of an online competition which saw hundreds of websites submitted and subsequently evaluated by representatives from various European stakeholders based on the criteria set forth in the awards rules. The winners of the 2015 Awards were:

  • The LEADERS (Established business with more than 10 employees)
  • The RISING STARS (Start-up/Entrepreneur with 1 to 10 employees)
  • The LAURELS (Education/Institutional/Pan European ongoing project project)
  • The HOUSE of .eu (News/Media/Entertainment/Blog - company or private)
  • The BETTER WORLD (Environmental/green projects)

Special awards were also given to:

  • for the best use of web design to fit the needs and character of different audiences
  • for best visual design
  • for supporting an outstanding cause

You can enjoy the pictures from the event here.

The 2015 .eu Web Awards were organised in partnership with the European Internet Foundation and EurActiv.


In 2014 the .eu Web Awards were presented to:

  • The LEADERS:
  • The LAURELS:
  • The HOUSE of .eu:
  • The SURPRISE award for MOST NOMINATED website

You can enjoy the pictures from the event here.

The 2014 .eu Web Awards were organised in partnership with the European Voice and the European Internet Foundation.

.eu survey

In May 2015, EURid engaged Amárach Research to carry out a survey on .eu in order to assess consumer awareness and the use of .eu domain names.

The principle objective was to examine the rate of adoption in contrast to earlier studies and to detect opportunities to incite further adoption.

The survey shows that .eu domain names experienced a marked improvement in awareness since EURid’s last survey carried out in 2010 – up from 56% to 67%. While awareness is generally high in most countries, the countries in Central and Eastern Europe saw significantly higher levels of awareness, along with Italy.

Researched showed that nearly one in four (23%) internet users are planning to register a new .eu domain name in the future – up from 15% in 2010. At national level 75% of internet users in France are most likely to register a .eu domain name within the next 12 months followed by German, Belgium and the UK.

The full report detailing the most prominent findings of the survey, comprising more than 4 900 internet users located across 27 countries, can be found here.