The .eu Web Awards: An Opportunity to be under the Spotlight

10 Αύγ. 2016

Brussels, 10 August 2016 – The .eu Web Awards provide a cherished opportunity for aesthetically pleasing websites and stellar content creators to be recognized for their hard-earned efforts in their respective fields. The initiative has not only been advantageous to those nominated, but has also generated additional awareness to the benefits of joining the .eu and .ею community.

As the Awards approach, EURid recently conducted an interview with two past winners in order to measure the initiative’s success. As passionate organisations, and work in a sustainable and ecologically minded field, influencing business innovation all across Europe. When asked about their organisations, Eduardo de Miguel, Managing Director of, highlighted their efforts stating that “We are committed to protecting natural areas and promoting sustainable business models. This means that our range of activities is very wide, from developing restoration projects to identifying with companies on how to create shared value”. Ilze Hoffman,’s Executive Export Manager, shared a similar sentiment, commenting that “Being an ecological and sustainable organization means that we carry quite a big responsibility. As we claim to be ecological, we have to follow and maintain production of top quality products.”


When asked about the Web Awards Initiative, Eduardo de Miguel showed her appreciation, stating that “The Web Awards is an excellent initiative that gives visibility to the entities that consider working at a European level as an added value. The fact that one category is dedicated to green initiatives (the “Better World” category) is remarkable. It shows that many entities and projects dedicated to sustainability consider that working and communicating at the European level is essential.  Ilze Hoffman seconded this opinion, stating that “The Web Awards is a great opportunity to have a friendly competition between participants with a chance to gain recognition as well as a great milestone for companies that work hard, want to show themselves and prove to be leader in whatever they do.”

Most importantly, both Eduardo and Ilze noted that winning the .eu Web Awards has led to increased exposure, recognition and communication opportunities at the European level in addition to pushing both organisations to new heights within their fields.

The Web Awards takes pride in helping passionate and authentic organisations and individuals gain momentum and positive recognition in their fields.

This year’s edition of the Awards is set to be the biggest one yet! If you haven’t casted your nomination yet, you can do so at