Revisiting the Osogovo Mountains

30 Μάρτιος 2017

Last year, we announced our collaborative effort with both Naturefund and EuroNatur to protect nature and wildlife in the Osogovo Mountains.

From the start, the goal of the collaboration was to conserve the outstanding biological diversity in the Osogovo Mountain region by supporting sustainable forest management, improving the knowledge of large carnivores in the region to help with the decision making process, and analysing the potential for nature-based tourism.

Today, we are one step closer to accomplishing these goals as the first of many large carnivore monitoring periods has recently come to a close, producing fruitful results. Between March of 2016 and March of 2017, a total of 32 cameras were placed throughout the Osogovo Mountains, spanning across FYROM and Bulgaria, for the purpose of monitoring and identifying the wildlife in the region. 

The results provide a bird’s eye view into the diverse fauna that has proved to be so elusive for so long.

Thanks to this information and the continued monitoring effort, more informed decisions can be made regarding sustainable forest management and nature-based tourism in the Osogovo Mountains.