EURid’s course on Internet Governance

9 Φεβ. 2017

As the internet has become integrated into our societies and economies, it is no surprise to see a proliferation of case law, and regulation to address perceived problems as they arise.  At the same time, revelations of mass surveillance, big data analysis, and the dawn of the Internet of Things have created international tensions and pose potential risks to our security.
This interactive course, provided to students at S. Anna University in Pisa from 9 – 11 February by EURid’s Giovanni Seppia and Oxford Information Labs’ Emily Taylor, is designed to give an essential background and overview to those studying European law within the confines of the Internet, International relations and diplomacy. The major topics on agenda revolve around cybercrime, cybersecurity, privacy and surveillance, Internet of Things, and Internet Governance including the implications of the recent IANA transition.