EURid employs the use of Denic Anycast

13 Φεβ. 2017

We use different technologies and methods to guarantee the performance and resilience of our systems, particularly in the case of high demand or an attack. One of these methods is to employ the use of a combination of many servers with the goal of mitigating the overall load on our systems. The servers we use are either directly maintained by our staff or by specialised third party organisations.

Recently, we have furthered our partnership with one of these third party organisations, that being Denic, the .de registry. As a result of this strengthened effort, our systems have now been augmented through the implementation of Denic’s Anycast service.

Anycast is a technology that routes users to the server closest to their location which allows for increased performance in answering queries while adding an extra layer of security to protect against DDOS attacks.