Celebrating 10 years of EURid YouTube channel

14 Μάιος 2020

The EURid YouTube Channel, EURegistry has been running for 10 years. Since its opening on 11th of March 2010, the channel has garnered 2.12K subscribers, 2,620,820 views, and uploaded more than 270 videos.


On an annual average in the last 10 years, there are about 38 videos added, 20 of which are testimonials of .eu domain names/ websites. Other clips include promotional videos, .eu Web Awards-related content, and an informative section with interviews with DNS industry leaders, including the authors of the IDN World Report.


Most viewed videos for 2018 – 2020 are testimonials; seses.eu, adventoura.eu, nelo.eu, and ‘Compensating CO2 emissions with Naturefund’, all with views topping 3K.


Testimonial content featuring 1 minute or less duration is viewed at 90%, while content of 1 minute or above is viewed at an average of 78%.


In the ever-growing visual world, YouTube is an effective platform which we will continue to use to highlight the values of our European, online presence. We take this chance to dedicate special thanks to AcTVty for their professional support over the past decade in filming testimonials across Europe.